"Which Dog Food" - new review site

This was "taken over" by is a review site established in March 2012 and provides details and professional objective insight on the quality of various Dog foods.

We are please to see that our own observations are generally mirrored here and that our choice of foods to stock (and those we reject!) is substantiated.

If you have never investigated your brand of food - because you buy it cheap and your dog eats it - you should check it out here to see if it is something you really want to continue feeding!

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Created on: 14/10/2014 18:57
Another good website for dog owners is
It was this website that we read  and re read several times before taking what was, for us, a really big step to change our pet feeding regime of many years.
We decided on Applaws for several reasons, one the medical evidence given and the customer reviews and thirdly we could buy it here in Portugal instead of all the trials and tribulations of importing it from either the UK or Spain both of which we'd used.
I think that Paws4Pets views are very well reflected in this website
Created on: 21/02/2015 17:12
The referenced web site has now blown apart for me - they have given a food with 18% fat a 5* rating!
OK all sites need commercial sponsors but that is really silly