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French Bulldog skin problems sorted- 25 July 2012

Great result for the owner of 2 x 1yr old French Bulldogs (and a 5 month old St Bernard) - the serious skin sores completly cured on one of the FB's when he switched to the Natural Dog Food Co. food.

Now all 3 are on that great food.

We are not surprised though as we have had many clients whose dogs had bad skin sores which, despite expensive veterinary treatments, had not healed until the food was switched to either the Natural Dog Food or Burns and we recommend the switch whenever a new client comes in asking what they can do!

In many cases the dogs have tried many brands - including those sold by vets - and it was not until they tried foods that avoid Maize, wheat, dairy products, by-products (both animal and vegetable) and mixed animal fats that the immediate improvement was seen.

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"Which Dog Food" - new review site- 17 July 2012

This was "taken over" by is a review site established in March 2012 and provides details and professional objective insight on the quality of various Dog foods.

We are please to see that our own observations are generally mirrored here and that our choice of foods to stock (and those we reject!) is substantiated.

If you have never investigated your brand of food - because you buy it cheap and your dog eats it - you should check it out here to see if it is something you really want to continue feeding!

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Cleo - "Best Female"- 15 July 2012

Our Cleo got the cup for "Best Female" at the Portuguese Water Dog club show in Olhão today.

As a special treat she had a tin of Applaws for lunch.

NEW Applaws Treats- 14 July 2012

We have just received the new Cat & Dog treats from Applaws.

As these are not yet listed on our web site you can see the details on the Applaws web site:-

Dog Food - Tuna Loins

Dog Treats

Cat Food - Tuna Loins

Cat Treats

Call us (289588882) or e-mail for pricing

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It's Official - Dogs are Hypercarnivores- 14 July 2012

Dr Munoz-Doran presented the findings of a study at the First Joint Congress for Evolutionary Biology.
See the BBC Nature report.

That makes our Applaws food ideal - made with 75% Chicken!!

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Dog Food Discounts - the more you buy the more you save!- 06 July 2012

On some of the large bags of dog food we have introduced 2 levels of discount.

Firstly - Tier pricing - so if you buy more than 1 of the large bags then you get better pricing on that product (this also applies if you add just 1 to the cart and then add another - it is worked out automatically)

Secondly - A "Cross-Sell" discount which applies if you buy 1 or more large bags of one product (flavour) and then you buy a large bag of another related product (or flavour).

These discounts will combine in your shopping cart so you can see the resulting price there - the full benefit of the combined discounts will not necessarily show on the product page.