Spayed dogs often tend to put on weight and you may find that you need to either feed less than the suggested quantities or use a food that is designed to provide the full complement of nutrients whilst not adding to the weight.

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Burns - Adult - Weight Control+ Chicken & Oats

Designed for hungry, overweight and diabetic dogs. Low fat, high fibre.
From 11.99€ (EUR) incl tax

Applaws Chicken & Potato - Adult (Lite)

Adult weight control. 75% Chicken
From 12.99€ (EUR) incl tax

Natural Dog Food Co - Adult Turkey (Senior/Light)

The Natural Dog Food Company Ltd produces wholesome unadulterated dog foods without the need for by-products or chemical compounds, and is certified holistic under the BAHNM scheme for dogs.
From 12.99€ (EUR) incl tax
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