Given the marketing information provided on the "Better by Nature" web site I assumed that, at least for this food, Pedigree would have the ingredients list published somewhere to back up the glowing comments their own marketing people had produced - no luck!

Then I found another review where the author had actually had to go out and buy a bag just to see what was in it - anyway that explained why Pedigree weren't keen to make that information easily available.

You can read the other review on but I do not share their summary that this is a "perfectly OK pet food" - this is rather over the top when applied to a food including just 4% of anything mentionable - I hate to think of the remaining unmentionables. It contains left-overs - cereals is the main ingredient but only 4% is Rice (not even whole grain) the remainder of the cereal content is not identified. Then it purports to have meat and animal derivatives (4% of this is stated to come from Beef sources - it doesn't mean that 4% is actual beef meat). The third ingredient is "Oils and Fats" - I won't go on because it's just not worth the effort.

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