All animals (including humans) require a mix of Amino Acids in their food as these are the building blocks for the whole body.
Amino Acids are the constituents of proteins and the process of digestion (or Hydrolysis) breaks up the Protein macromolecule into the various Amino Acids.
Essential Amino Acids are those that must be provided in the food because they cannot be synthesized by the animal - there are around 5 more Essential Amino Acids required by the dog than are those required for a human - therefore "a dog cannot live on human meals alone" (unless, of course, those additional Amino Acids luckily form part of that human diet) - and those are available in Meat proteins not vegetable proteins.

Veterinary "Sensitive" foods tend to utilise "Hydrolyzed Proteins" (where the proteins are broken up into the constituent Amino Acids during manufacture - by dissolving in acid and/or heat processing). It should be noted that Hydrolyzed Proteins can be a very cheap ingredient because the source of the proteins can be anything at all and need not actually be disclosed {feathers, beaks, deceased ...}.
Because the Proteins are broken down before consumption these Proteins will not cause problems to those with a sensitivity to them - unless, as does happen - complete proteins make their way through the production process!
One serious consideration of using foods containing high levels of hydrolyzed proteins is that the recipient animals digestive system does not have to work anywhere near as hard as it would if it had to break down the proteins - this could lead to issues with other diestive organs!

Food sensitivity is generally a reaction by the body to certain proteins - most frequently but not limited to Wheat or Gluten.
This sensitivity is most often shown up by Itching, Scratching and Skin Sores. Digestive issues follow not far behind!

The main offenders are foods that are heavily based on Wheat, Soya or Maize so these should be avoided for any dog.

We find that most cases of skin, hair or digestive issues can be sorted by switching to the Burns Chicken & Rice - single meat protein source with Brown Rice.
If Chicken or Rice are considered to be the cause (unusual but possible) then you could switch to a food with Fish, Lamb, Duck or Pork and/or Potato.

Don't despair - we have sorted so many problem cases!

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Burns - Adult "Free From" - Duck & Potato

Adults 9+ months and Seniors

Grain Free, Hypoallergenic, Low Fat. NO wheat,soya, sweet potato or maize.
From 12.99€ (EUR) incl tax

Burns - Adult Original - Chicken & Brown Rice

Adults 9+ months and Seniors

Hypoallergenic, Low Fat, NO wheat,soya or maize. Can be used instead of expensive veterinary only foods in many cases.
From 11.99€ (EUR) incl tax

Burns - Puppy "Free From" - Duck & Potato


Grain Free, Hypoallergenic, Low Fat. NO wheat, soya, sweet potato or maize.
From 12.99€ (EUR) incl tax

Burns Dog Food - Adult - Sensitive Duck & Rice

Hypoallergenic & Gluten Free. Highly digestible. Ideal for sensitive skin or digestion.
From 12.05€ (EUR) incl tax

Burns Dog Food - Adult - Sensitive+ Pork & Potato

Hypoallergenic & Gluten Free. Highly digestible. Ideal for sensitive skin or digestion.
From 12.05€ (EUR) incl tax

Natural Dog Food Co - Adult Salmon & Brown Rice

The Natural Dog Food Company Ltd produces wholesome unadulterated dog foods without the need for by-products or chemical compounds, and is certified holistic under the BAHNM scheme for dogs.
From 12.75€ (EUR) incl tax
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