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Picture of Natural Dog Food Co - Adult - Chicken & Brown Rice

Natural Dog Food Co - Adult - Chicken & Brown Rice

Large & Regular Kibble Sizes
"Active" & "Normal" varieties
Manufacturer: The Natural Dog Food Co

Natural Dog Food All In One Chicken and Rice is a BAHNM certified holistic hypoallergenic food, formulated to Natural Feeding Principles, suitable for adult dogs of all breeds. It contains no wheat or other cereals commonly associated with allergy and intolerance; no unsuitable artificial chemicals, by-products, GM products, added sugar or dairy products.

It is the only product of its type in the UK to contain only natural vitamins.

The meat content is from human grade non-battery farming units. It consists purely of the primary parts of the carcass and does not contain any unsuitable by-products such as guts, feathers and feet. The meat proteins are not included in the form of "Hydrolysed Animal Protein" and so the digestive system needs to work "as designed" and there are also no traces of proteins from mixed (and questionable) animal sources so removing one source of possible food intolerance.

Ingredients - Regular & Large Bite: Fresh British Chicken (min 22%), Dried British Chicken (min 21%), Brown Rice (min 21%), Oats, Mixed Herbs (min 8%), Barley, Refined Chicken Oil, Sugar Beet, Linseed, Brewers Yeast
Typical analysis: Protein 20%, Oil 8.5%, Ash 5%, Fibre 3%
The Large Bite kibble is approx 2cm diameter and is very suitable for dogs of around 30Kg or more or those who are tempted to vacuum up their food!

Ingredients - Active: Dried British Chicken (min 29%), Fresh British Chicken (min 26%), Brown Rice (min 20%), Mixed Herbs (min 9%), Whole Barley, Linseed, Chicken Oil, Brewers Yeast
Designed for working & very active dogs, pregnant & nursing bitches, underweight dogs, agility dogs and those with high metabolic needs (Boxers, Weimaraners, Vizlas etc).
Typical analysis: Protein 25%, Oil 11%, Ash 6%, Fibre 3%

NOTE: Our stocks are the Original recipe - this was changed in April 2019 - and are therefore limited to existing supply
When stock is no longer available we suggest that you check our our "Paws Naturals" and "Paws Super Premium" ranges

EDMI (Equivalent dried meat index 27%) - (Active EDMI 34%)

The EDMI index indicates the amount of meat content on a dry weight basis which provides a far better comparison of food quality
This is an important measure which corrects for the marketing claims of adding everything that may have come into contact with a meat together and specifying the total as the meat content! It makes due allowance for the approximate 75% water content of "Fresh Meat" which hides the equivalent nutritional level from the consumer.
For example a food claiming 41% "Animal Content" may actually only have an EDMI of 15%!
This food could list 21% Fresh Meat (equivalent to 5% equivalent dry weight), 5% Dried Meat (equivalent to 5% equivalent dry weight), Meat Gravy, Meat Fat, Hydrolysed animal proteins (all of which may be equivalent to around 5% dry weight)

Chicken & Rice 15Kg
SKU: 09380
Availability: 3 in stock
£61.86 (GBP) incl tax
Chicken & Rice "Active" - 15Kg
This is designed for those dogs that are very active. For example Weimaraners.
SKU: 10291
Availability: 1 in stock
£61.86 (GBP) incl tax
Chicken & Rice - Large Bite - 15Kg
Larger size pieces for the larger dog. Helps to reduce the gulping of food. The pieces are approximately 2cm diameter and great for dogs of 30Kg+ Reduced price - Best Before Date 13/6/19
SKU: 10290
Availability: 5 in stock
Old price: £61.86 (GBP) incl tax
Price: £47.18 (GBP) incl tax
Product specifications
Fat < 10%
Contains Added Salt No
Contains Wheat No
Contains Maize No
Contains Soya No
Contains Chicken Yes
Contains Fish No
Contains Gluten No