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PAWS Elite More than 60% Meat
Chicken, Lamb, Turkey or Pork
with Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs
400g tins or 300g pouches
No Maize,Wheat or Sweet Potato
NO Preservatives
Applaws 75% Chicken or Chicken & Lamb
(69% Dry Weight)
No Maize,Wheat or Sweet Potato
Feeding Guide - ONLY 11g/Kg
Natural Dog Food 43% - 55% English Chicken,
Lamb, Salmon or Turkey
No Maize,Wheat or Sweet Potato Low Fat
Feeding Guide - ONLY 10g /Kg
Burns Min 20% dry weight Meats
Including white Fish, Chicken
Lamb, Duck or Pork
Ideal for elimination diets
Novel meat proteins
(Duck or Pork)
Low Fat
Single Meat protein source
Developed by a veterinary surgeon
Replacement for expensive vet only foods
Feeding Guide - ONLY 10g/Kg

You can buy in Euros or UK Pounds!

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