Because there is no way we can hope to stock everything you can browse our supplier's catalogues and see the extensive range of products that are available and we will supply to order. We will normally only sell products in whole packs (unless we hold these as stock items).

If you see something you want please send us the details (reference number, description and colour / size) from the catalogue and we will confirm price and availability.

The various catalogues are:-

Please note that some products may not be available in Portugal due to:

  • Regional marketing limitations imposed by manufacturers on the distributors (a EU country distributor can have exclusivity within their country for 24 months under EC regulations to allow them to build their business). This can prevent a product appearing to be available from one of our distributors not actually being allowed to be supplied by them  to us - in this case we will attempt to obtain the product from the official Portuguese distributor (This generally means that the price will be higher than you may expect - it is our policy to obtain supplies from the lowest cost source wherever practical and this has so far meant outside Portugal even taking transport into account!!).
  • Health considerations - a food or an ingredient may have importation and/or legal restrictions on the sale in any country. There may also be reasons why certain pest control products are not available in a particular country - it is possible that the local pests (eg worms) are of a different species to those in, for example, the UK and therefore different pest control products and procedures are required.
  • Medical regulations may also prohibit the supply of certain products other than by a registered medical outlet (eg Vet or Pharmacy) in one country but not in another.

We are registered with the Ministry of Agriculture in Portugal and all our relevant imports are reported directly to them before importation.

We will accept return of any items found to be faulty. We cannot accept returns for items which were ordered based on customers own measurements or other products which have been opened, partially used or have been subject to customer damage or modification We cannot accept returns for items incorrectly ordered unless we can also obtain credit from the original supplier. Each case will be treated on it's merits.

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