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Good behaviour is the key to a happy relationship between man and dog.

Dr Roger Mugford and his colleagues at The Animal Behaviour Centre are specialists in dog and cat behaviour and their clients have been the test bed and inspiration for the products displayed in our online shop.

All the products you will find here contribute towards the better control of pets, their safety, welfare and ultimately, their happiness.

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Açaime de cão "Baskerville"

The lightweight, basket design of the Baskerville Muzzle gives all-round protection
De £7,06 (GBP) imposto incl.

Elizabethan "Smart Collar"

The Smart Collar is a humane method of preventing animals from aggravating a wound or injury. It is made from a tough lightweight and translucent material, which helps aid visibility.
De £2,56 (GBP) imposto incl.

Halti Headcollar

The headcollar for kind control. The really effective way to stop a dog pulling on the lead.
£11,34 (GBP) imposto incl.

Kong Wubba

De £4,79 (GBP) imposto incl.
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