New products

Real Meat Treat with Duck

100% Chicken, Meat & Duck Treat
£1,93 (GBP) incl tax

Real Meat Treat - Chicken

100% Chicken & Meat Treat
£1,93 (GBP) incl tax

Real Meat Treat - Beef

100% Beef Treat
£1,93 (GBP) incl tax

Lamb Strips (5pk)

100% Natural Chewy Sticks of Lamb
£2,52 (GBP) incl tax

FRONTLINE Tri-Act for Dogs

Eliminates Fleas, Ticks and Biting Lice. Repels sandflies, mosquitos and midges.
From £12,49 (GBP) incl tax

Seresto Collar

Up to 8 months protection for dogs and cats – kills fleas and repels and kills ticks. Now licensed to reduce risk of Leishmania.
From £20,96 (GBP) incl tax

Paws Treats - Adult - Chicken, Duck & Turkey

Tasty miniature motivators. Perfect to use in reward-based training.
£2,01 (GBP) incl tax

Fish Bites 75g

Crunchy cubes
£2,18 (GBP) incl tax

Paws Super Premium - Adult Cat - Chicken & Rice

A Naturally preserved chicken & rice diet with no added colours, flavours or preservatives.
From £2,56 (GBP) incl tax
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