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Picture of Keep Cool Dog Coat

Keep Cool Dog Coat

Keep Cool Dog Coats have been specially designed to keep your dog cool in any situation.

This unique fabric activated by water will keep your dog cool, yet dry on really hot days for up to 4 hours and all day on a warm/sunny day.  This product is totally different from any other dog coat on the market.  The drawing below shows how this unique dog coat helps to cool your dog.

The way the synthetic material works is as it puts moisture into the dogs coat the slower evaporation time actually cools the dog more. The capillary action of the micro pores allows the dog coat to become considerably cooler than the outdoor air.
Keep Cool Dog Coat is ideal for dogs in hot weather to cool them whilst participating (during or after) in Agility, Flyball, Obedience or Showing, but your dog doesn’t need to be a show or performance dog to also reap the benefits of a Keep Cool Dog Coat, the coats are great for your dog when out for a walk or playing outdoors on a hot, warm day. Even whilst travelling in the car or sailing on your boat.
The Keep Cool Dog Coats are easy to use, just soak in cool water for a few minutes, lightly ring out and place the dog coat on your dog. If off on a long walk or out playing for longer periods of time just re-wet the dog coat, you can use the water hose if you want, or pour water out of a bottle. Although the Keep Cool Coat is used wet, it does not drip and always feels cool and soft to the touch. The dog coat will become hard when dry, just simply re-wet and it comes back to life. You will be amazed how these dog coats help keep your dog cool. The Keep Cool Dog Coat is intended as a preventative measure, to be used before your dog is overheated. We recommend you dry your dog coat between uses and store in the bag provided. This unique material is not affected by mould, mildew or odour, but if it does become soiled machine wash on gentle or hand wash and use non-biological power.
These Keep Cool Dog Coats come in six colours: Pale Pink, Royal Blue, Pale Blue, Purple, Lemon and Orange, and eight sizes ranging from XXS to XXL.
£.00 (GBP) incl tax