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Oster Clippers

Top quality clippers and blades
Marca: Oster

These professional clippers really leave the cheap clippers in the shade.

Easy to use, cool running and quality blades.

Imagem de Oster Golden A5 Two Speed Clipper
Oster Golden A5 Two Speed Clipper

A heavy duty 2-speed animal clipper. Well balanced and easy to use.

Cooler running,More powerful, wider sweep, faster running (over 3200 strokes per minute / 45 Watt)

No blade supplied - these are available separately. 

Preço antigo: 147,50€ (EUR) imposto incl.
Preço: 139,99 € (EUR) imposto incl.
Imagem de Oster Cryogen-X Blades
Oster Cryogen-X Blades

Treated with AgION - a silver-ion antimicrobial to form a protective barrier against cross-infection.

Increased durability, stays cooler longer, stays sharper longer.

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Preço antigo: 40,40€ (EUR) imposto incl.
Preço: 27,99 € (EUR) imposto incl.