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Comfy Collar

Comfy Collars are an alternative to the traditional lampshade collar and it removes the stress caused by continually bumping in to doorways, tables and people!

The Comfy Collar is similar in structure to a car tyre - but softer, more pliable and flexible. Unlike the traditional Elizabethan collar your pet can bump into furniture, doors and people without causing damage and this reduces stress on both the animal and the owner. With the wider field of view provided by the Comfy Collar your pet is even more able to avoid obstacles.

The Comfy Collar has a scratch and bite resistant outer skin and an inflatable inner tube. It is secured with an outer velcro strap and  inner loops that fit around the normal collar. The outer skin has a zip for easy removal of the inner tube.

When using a Comfy Collar you must check that your pet cannot reach any of it's affected areas. Pets with a long body may be able to reach their hind quarters or rear legs.

The comfy collar is available in five neck sizes - choose below:

Size 1

17-22cm / 7-9 inches - For Cats and Toy Dogs

15.99 € (EUR) incl tax
Size 2

22-30cm / 9-12 inches - For Small Dogs

16.99 € (EUR) incl tax
Size 3

30-40cm / 12-16 inches - For Medium Dogs

17.99 € (EUR) incl tax
Size 4

42 - 55cm / 17-22 inches - For Large Dogs

19.99 € (EUR) incl tax
Size 5

55-80cm / 22-32 inches - For Extra Large Dogs

20.99 € (EUR) incl tax
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