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Petmate Vari/Sky Kennel

SkyKennel® and VariKennel combines value with preferred features, such as heavy duty plastic shells, wire doors and vents.
Manufacturer: Petmate

Versions available in 6 sizes to fit pets from 13” - 33” tall.
The Vari Kennel and Sky Kennel versions differ slightly in shape and colour and we will supply whichever version is currently available.
We suggest that your pet is given a week to get used to being in the cage before travel.

Due to the weights of these robust crates there is an extra delivery charge on the "Giant" size.

To find the recommended size:-
Measure the length from the tip of nose to base of tail (A)
Measure the front leg length fron floor to armpit (B)
Measure the width at the shoulders (C)
Measure Height of Dog from floor to top of head or tip of ears if the dog's ears are normally erect (D).

The recommended crate size will be:-
Length - the Length of dog plus half the front leg length (A + B/2)
Height - the Height of the dog (D)
Width - twice the width of the dog (2xC)

Just a note of caution: Acceptance of the crate by an airline is subject to final human interpretation which can render the selection of crate size by using the recommended calculations hypothetical!  We have known airline "X" to say that a crate is too small and airline "Y" to say the exact same crate is too big!
We recommend that you take the dog and the crate to the appropriate cargo handling agent for checking well in advance of travel as we cannot be held responsible for any problems you may encounter.

We are happy to exchange or refund on unused crates where there have been issues regarding acceptance by an airline due to incorrect sizing  (excluding carriage charges and unless it was especially ordered).

Check the IATA Web Site for more information

Picture of Sky / Vari Kennel - Small
Sky / Vari Kennel - Small

Size (LxWxH) 21 x 16 x 15 inches / 53 x 41 x 38 cms / Weight 3Kg

Availability: Out of stock
£49,12 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Sky / Vari Kennel - Medium
Sky / Vari Kennel - Medium

Size (LxWxH) 28 x 20.5 x 21.5 inches / 69 x 51 x 48 cms / Weight 5.8Kg

Availability: 1 in stock
£59,80 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Sky / Vari Kennel - Intermediate
Sky / Vari Kennel - Intermediate

Size (LxWxH) 32 x 22.5 x 24 inches / 81 x 56 x 58 cms / Weight 8.1Kg

Availability: Out of stock
£81,16 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Sky / Vari Kennel - Large
Sky / Vari Kennel - Large


Size (LxWxH) 36 x 25 x 27 inches / 91 x 61 x 66 cms / Weight 11Kg

Availability: Out of stock
£106,79 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Sky / Vari Kennel - Extra Large
Sky / Vari Kennel - Extra Large


Size (LxWxH) 39 x 26 x 30 inches / 102 x 69 x 76 cms / Weight 14.5Kg

Availability: Out of stock
£140,96 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Sky / Vari Kennel - Giant
Sky / Vari Kennel - Giant


Size (LxWxH) 48 x 32 x 35 inches / 122 x 81 x 89 cms / Weight 23.4Kg

Delivery Supplement *
Due to the size / weight of this product a delivery supplement will apply. This does not apply to collections from store.
Availability: Out of stock
£230,66 (GBP) incl tax
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