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Picture of Innotek (Multivet) Anti-Bark Spray Collar

Innotek (Multivet) Anti-Bark Spray Collar

Manufacturer: Innotek

The painless solution to nuisance barking

  • Scientifically proven effective and, painless
  • Recommended by leading animal experts
  • No side effects, no pain or fear, easy to use
  • 100% safe for all dogs - even puppies!
  • Available in citronella or scentless water based spray refills.
  • Approved and endorsed by the SPCA

The Multivet refills contain a gas mixture that is 100% safe for people, animals and the environment. The propellant gas is the ozone friendly R134a. Used in many medical inhalation products, it is harmless to pets and people.

This particular type of dog collar involves having a harmless spray that conditions your dog to stop barking. The device has been scientifically tested and works as follows:

  • Your dog barks
  • An electronic sensor releases a painless spray of citronella in front of the dog's nose.
  • Your dog hears it, sees it, feels it, and smells it!

The first time your dog gets sprayed, he/she will attempt to identify the source of the new odor. The effect of surprise alone is sufficient to interrupt the dog's undesirable behaviour.

In a very short time, the animal associates his annoying behavior with a citronella spray. With this conditioned reflex, the spray collar prevents the dog from barking uselessly. In a few days, the dog learns to keep quiet while wearing the collar and concentrate on more normal activities.

Over time, the laws of conditioning take effect and your dog learns to behave appropriately. No more trouble with the neighbours!

Anti-Bark Spray Collar

Includes refill and battery

Included Spray *
79,99 € (EUR) incl tax
Picture of Innotek Remote Spray Commander
Innotek Remote Spray Commander
Remote Control with Tone and 2 levels of spray. Operates up to 85m Supplied with unscented spray
SKU: 09316
99,99 € (EUR) incl tax
Picture of Battery for Multivet/Innotek Spray Commander
Battery for Multivet/Innotek Spray Commander

6v Alkaline L1325 (RFA-18)

6,25 € (EUR) incl tax
Picture of Refill - Scentless 70g
Refill - Scentless 70g

This refill is for people who don't like the citronella smell. It will not be less effective than the citronella refill

10,99 € (EUR) incl tax
Picture of Refill - Citronella 85g
Refill - Citronella 85g

** New Size ** Most of us are familiar with its pleasant lemony scent. Citronella is an essential oil that is derived from the stem and leaves of lemon grass and has been used in medicine for a thousand years.

12,99 € (EUR) incl tax