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Picture of FRONTLINE Combo for Dogs

FRONTLINE Combo for Dogs

Eliminates Fleas (including eggs and larvae), Ticks and Biting Lice

FRONTLINE Combo® provides additional protection to the basic FRONTLINE by preventing the development of flea eggs and larvae into new fleas.

Suitable for puppies older than 8 weeks and dogs more than 2Kg in weight. Do NOT use on cats as overdosing can occur.
Each pipette will eliminate fleas for 8 weeks and Ticks for 4 weeks

Spot On application. Packets contain 3 pipettes
FRONTLINE Combo® contains fipronil and (S)-methoprene

This product should be purchased based on the weight of the Dog to ensure that the correct dose is applied.

See the information data-sheet here

Frontline Combo (Dogs 2-10Kg)
SKU: 05199
20.99 € (EUR) incl tax
Frontline Combo (Dogs 10-20Kg)
SKU: 05200
22.75 € (EUR) incl tax
Frontline Combo (Dogs 20-40Kg)
26.75 € (EUR) incl tax
Frontline Combo (Dogs 40-60Kg)
29.25 € (EUR) incl tax