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Imagem de Natural Dog Food Co. - Adulto - Peru (Senior/Light)

Natural Dog Food Co. - Adulto - Peru (Senior/Light)

Não simplesmente rações mas uma boa comida com carne verdade.


For all breeds aged 8 years and over.

Feeding Turkey and Rice Senior Light is a cost effective method of providing optimum nutrition whilst managing chronic and subclinical life-stage ailments. It is a viable alternative to expensive prescription diets and food additives. It combines the principles of natural nutrition and herbal medicine to provide a functional food based on natural feeding principles.

Natural  Dog Food All In One Turkey and Rice Senior is 100% whole food. It includes steamed meat, cooked with mixed whole grain "non wheat" cereals and vegetables in an entirely unadulterated and convenient form. It contains everything a senior dog requires and commercial supplements are not normally necessary.

Senior Nutrition

Nutrition for Senior Dogs
As dogs (and humans) advance in years the body gradually changes, not only in its requirements for certain nutrients, but also in the way it assimilates the components of the diet. This is a perfectly natural part of the ageing process, which continues imperceptibly throughout life, but becomes particularly noticeable as the dog becomes elderly. The diet for seniors should reflect, not only the body’s changing biological requirements for the macronutrients (those needed in relatively large amounts) such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vegetables, but also the micronutrients (those needed in relatively small amounts) such as vitamins and other bioactive components. The requirements for bio-available natural micronutrients are often ignored or neglected, but they are vital in supplying bioactive components to help control weight, support the digestive and skeletal system and major organ function, they can, however, all be found in Natural Dog Food All in One Senior Light Dog Food.
NDF Senior Feeding Guide

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NDF Senior Feeding Guide
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