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Imagem de Applaws Chicken & Potato - Adult (Senior)

Applaws Chicken & Potato - Adult (Senior)

Contains Glucosamine & Chondroitin
For the senior dog
Marca: Applaws

Applaws "Senior" contains special dietary fats called MCT's which can help in the anti-ageing process by keeping your dog mentally active for longer. It is naturally hypo-allergenic and contains glucosamine & chondroitin which may help mobility in later years.

Composition: Chicken 65% (from Dried Chicken), Chicken Mince 9%, Peas 8%, Potato Starch 7% Beet Pulp, Poultry Oil 1.5% (Source of Omega 6 ), Tomato (from Dehydrated Tomato), Poultry Gravy, Whole Egg (from Dehydrated Egg), Cellulose Plant Fibre, Minerals, Vitamins, Salmon Oil (source of omega 3), Coconut Oil (source of natural MCT’s) Carrot (from Dehydrated Carrot), Chicory Extract (F.O.S), Alfalfa Meal, Seaweed/Kelp, Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Chondroitin, Carrot, Peppermint, Paprika Meal, Turmeric, Thyme Extract, Citrus Extract, Taurine 1000 mg/kg, Yucca Extract, Cranberry, Fennel Extract, Carob Extract, Ginger, Rosehip Extract, Dandelion Extract, Rosemary Oil Extract, Oregano, Probiotic: Contains E1705 Enterococcus faecium cernelle 68 (SF68: NCIMB 10415) 1,000,000 cfu/kg as an aid in the establishment, maintenance and restoration of a balanced gut flora in dogs.

Additives: Vitamins: Vitamin A (retinyl acetate) 19,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 2,000 IU/kg, Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate) 640 mg/kg; Trace Elements: Sodium Selenite 0.33 mg/kg, Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 3.26 mg/kg, Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate 233 mg, Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate 40 mg/kg, Manganous Sulphate Monohydrate 94 mg/kg, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 444 mg/kg. Natural Antioxidant: Mixed Tocopherols; Gut Flora Stabiliser: E1705 Enterococcus faecium cernelle 68 (SF68; NCIMB 10415) 1,000,000,000 cfu/kg.

Analytical Constituents: Protein 37%, Crude Oils and Fats 16%, Crude Fibres 5.25%, Inorganic Matter 8%, Calcium 1.34%, Phosphorous 1.32%, Carbohydrates <25.8%.

Omega-6 3.0%, Omega-3 0.58% (Ratio 6:3 5.2:1)  -- Metabolisable Energy 1482Kj/100g (354Kcal/100g)

No added artificial colourants, flavourings or preservatives.
Available in both 2kg & 7.5kg sizes.

2Kg Bag
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7,5Kg Bag
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