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Picture of Pet Head - Shampoos and Conditioners

Pet Head - Shampoos and Conditioners

In 2007, Pet Head was created by Kyara Mascolo the original creator of Bed Head hair care products.

The husband and wife team, Bruno & Kyara Mascolo, are the owners of Toni & Guy and former owners of TiGi Linea Inc.

It was out of a love for animals that Kyara was inspired to create an edgy fashion-forward line of pet products. Expect the same high quality and fun personality from Pet Head that you’ve come to expect from Toni & Guy.

Picture of Pet Head - Double Dipping - 475mL
Pet Head - Double Dipping - 475mL
Mango & Orange - 2 in 1 conditioning Shampoo. Impatient pooches can still get pampered! Combines cleaning and refining in one simple step. It effectively cleans the coat while softening and detangling it for easy combing and brushing. - Althea root prevents split ends and soothes the cuticles. - Jojoba and Almond Oils: Natural emollient moisturize the coat and give it a healthy, silky shine.
SKU: 10382
£12.55 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Pet Head - Furtastic - 475mL
Pet Head - Furtastic - 475mL
Crème Rinse for curly and long coats Make that fur fantastic! This deep conditioning crème moisturizes to deliver a tangle-free soft coat with the scent of Blueberry Muffins! • Oat Protein: Nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft, and leaves the coat fuller and healthier • Cactus Extract: Helps maintain moisture and provides added elasticity and lustre to the coat Calendula Extract: Helps restore softness and vitality of the coat while soothing the skin.
£12.55 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Pet Head - Life's an Itch - 475mL
Pet Head - Life's an Itch - 475mL
Soothing Shampoo Stop your itchin! This amazing formula effectively relieves skin irritation caused by insect bites and dry skin. It contains no harsh chemicals, coal tar or drugs such as cortisteroids. • Oatmeal and Aloe Vera: Work together to soothe the skin. • Tea Tree Oil: Helps purify, fortify and moisturise hair follicles • Wheat Protein, Vitamins and Chamomile Extract: Nourishes the skin and leaves the coat silky.
SKU: 10803
£12.55 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Pet Head - Fears for Tears - 475mL
Pet Head - Fears for Tears - 475mL
Tearless Shampoo Quit your crying! This hypoallergenic tearless shampoo is extra gentle and free of harsh chemicals such as sulfate, so your pup can get a comfy bath without tears! • Shear butter: A fabulously rich emollient helps restore suppleness and elasticity in coats • Safflower oil: Soothes and nourishes the skin while retaining moisture.
SKU: 10384
£12.55 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Pet Head - Feeling Flaky - 475mL
Pet Head - Feeling Flaky - 475mL
This rehydrating formula helps dry, patchy skin. Relieves dryness and restores natural lustre. Recommended for pets with sensitive skin. Scented like Strawberry Yoghurt! Yucca & Chamomile Extracts and Silk Proteins: Work together to soothe and nourish the skin, leave the coat toned and conditioned Shea Butter and Vitamins: Prevent dryness while revitalizing and moisturizing the skin .
SKU: 10391
£12.55 (GBP) incl tax
Picture of Pet Head - FurBall - 450mL
Pet Head - FurBall - 450mL
Detangling Spray Spray for tangle free, smooth and shiny fur! This formula uses Essential Fatty Acids, Sunflower Seed Oil, Wheat Protein and Vitamin E to effectively detangle knots and tame fly-aways while conditioning the skin.
SKU: 10385
£12.55 (GBP) incl tax
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