Applaws Complete Dry Food is naturally hypo-allergenic, it contains purified beta-glucan from yeast to help improve the immune system. It also contains an active pro-biotic which may encourage protective and friendly bacteria in the gut to support a healthy digestive system in both puppies and adult dogs.

Wild dogs are principally carnivores. They originally hunted in the wild and devoured their prey whole - including the stomach and intestinal contents. This provided them with all the essential nutrients, especially the body meat with herb and plant components from the prey's digestive system which helped to keep them healthy active and in peak condition.

The domesticated dog, meanwhile, has come to rely on the content of over processed commercial dog food with artificial antioxidants and preservatives with few if any natural herbs or plant extracts. Despite "complete nutrition" diets, dogs commonly encounter health issues such as dry and itchy skin and pain in their lower limbs, because critical nutrients are often lost or destroyed during the manufacturing of even the best traditional foods. Applaws dry is a unique pet food which contains a blend of natural herb and plant ingredients normally only found in a natural wild diet.

High protein levels are often associated with various problems such as itching, scratching, ear and nose discharges and flakey skin. These problems occur, however, where the main source of protein is the cereals used by most manufacturers to increase the published protein level and provide a cheap source of some micro nutrients - these are used to make it appear that you get more protein for your money.
Cereal / vegetable proteins are an incomplete source of essential amino acids required by the dog whereas the high protein in Applaws is provided by the meat content and is therefore a source of the complete range of essential amino acids - this protein can therefore go towards the body's normal requirements rather than having to be processed as waste matter.

The majority of foods include "Animal Fats" to provide a cheap source of energy but the Dog is actually "designed" to obtain all it's energy requirements from meat protein and that is one good reason to feed Applaws.

NO Battery Chickens or Eggs, NO GM products, NO BHA or BHT and NO irradiation, NO Propylene Glycol. Nothing artificial is added.
Restricted level of Magnesium to minimise urinary stone formation.
Highly digestible and concentrated goodness. More nourishment in the food means you feed less. Smaller, Darker and less smelly stools.

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Applaws Chicken & Potato - Adult (Large Breed)

For Adults dogs over 25Kg
De 13,49€ (EUR) imposto incl.

Applaws Chicken & Potato - Adult (Lite)

Adult weight control. 75% Chicken
De 13,49€ (EUR) imposto incl.

Applaws Chicken & Potato - Adult (Senior)

Contains Glucosamine & Chondroitin
For the senior dog
De 13,49€ (EUR) imposto incl.

Applaws Chicken & Potato - Adult (Small & Medium Breed)

Adult dogs up to 25Kg No cereal or grain.
De 13,49€ (EUR) imposto incl.

Applaws Chicken & Potato - Puppy (Large Breed)

Puppies whose Adult weight will be around 25Kg or more. 75% Chicken.
De 13,49€ (EUR) imposto incl.

Applaws Chicken & Potato - Puppy (Small & Medium Breed)

For puppies where the adult weight is expected to be up to 25Kg
De 13,49€ (EUR) imposto incl.

Applaws Chicken, Lamb & Potato - Adult (Small & Medium Breed)

For Adults up to 25Kg
De 13,49€ (EUR) imposto incl.
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